HexLasso Online

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HexLasso Online

HexLasso Online is a binary data analysis utility, running in a web browser, that allows the user to interactively explore the file and spotting varying redundancies in it.

The utility splits the file into blocks of equal sizes, runs analysis individually on each block, and visualizes each block as a square on an interactive map.

The color of the square gives an indication of the analysis result of that block. Lighter color means lower byte coverage, darker color means higher byte coverage. The sequential palette used to color the blocks consists of 16 colors.

When the mouse cursor is moved over the map, the byte dump view of the corresponding block is displayed next to the map.

The byte dump view is either a hex dump view or a binary dump view depending on user preference. According to the analysis result of the given block, the corresponding bytes in the byte dump view are highlighted in yellow.

The user can choose from various analyzers. When an analyzer is selected the map will be updated according to the analysis result. Such analyzers involve byte ranges, strings, runs of bytes, matches and code fragments.

The block size can be changed during the analysis. A smaller block size leads to a more detailed map, and larger block size leads to a smaller map.

The map can be zoomed in and out.