A Collection of Resources

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This collection of public resources will be useful to learn about static binary data analysis.

Malware Analysis with Visual Pattern Recognition (2020)

Reverse Engineering Game Files – d2i from Dofus (2019)

Bootstrapping Understanding – An Introduction to Reverse Engineering (2019)

Binary visualisation for malware detection (2018)

Beginning Statistics for Data Science: Analyzing Data (2018)

The case of the very large memory blocks of the same size, mostly zero, but whose nonzero bytes follow a pattern (2018)

Recovering Huffman tables in Intel ME 11.x (2017)

Unlocking the Beauty of Patterns in Binary Data (2017)

Database Reverse Engineering, Part 1: Introduction (2017)

Network Protocol Structures (2017)

Visualizing Binaries for Low-level File-analysis (2016)

An Analytical Approach to the Recovery of Data from 3rd Party Proprietary CCTV File Systems (2016)

Examining Unknown Binary Formats (2014)

Approaches to the classification of high entropy file fragments (2013)

Content Based File Type Detection Algorithms (2013)

Fast Forensics Using Simple Statistics & Cool Tools (2013)

Differentiate Encryption From Compression Using Math (2013)

Static analysis of an unknown compression format (2012)

A Visual Study of Primitive Binary Fragment Types (2010)

Visual Reverse Engineering of Binary and Data Files (2008)

Predicting the Types of File Fragments (2008)

Making Sense of Hexdump (2008)

How to crack a Binary File Format (2002?)

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