Casio G-SQUAD: The G-SHOCK Watch for Tracking Steps

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Casio has unveiled its new G-SHOCK watch that is capable of tracking steps and fitness. Dubbed G-SQUADGBA-800 is the first model in the series.

The step tracker might not be a big deal for many as it’s already been built into many gadgets; phones, fitness bands, and smart watches all have it. However, history tells us that Casio usually know what they are doing. They clearly see a market for G-SQUAD.

The watch looks sporty with “STEP TRACKER” written on it, and it really looks like other cool G-SHOCK watches.

G-SQUAD has three important characteristics that other fitness watches don’t.

  • Just like the rest of G-SHOCK watches, it is resistant to shock and accidental hits. And a fitness watch should be like that.
  • G-SHOCK watches are waterproof. They are not sweat proof, but waterproof to a degree that you can go into sea water sporting them.
  • This watch reportedly has a battery life of two years on a CR2016 button battery.

The step tracker is built on a three-axis accelerometer which is more accurate than a mechanical sensor.

The watch features digital and analogue displays. The digital display can show the number of steps taken. Additionally, there is a little graph showing the hourly step count for the past 11 hours.

The watch can connect via Bluetooth. When it is connected to the app (that is made by Casio by the way) you can watch your activity in more detail. This includes the calories burned and the intensity of your exercise. Also, the app can project your step counts on the map.

Casio GBA-800 fitness watch with step tracker

The timer in this watch is pretty much better than in any other current G-SHOCK model. It allows interval workouts so you can put rest time between your exercises. You can plan it in the app, save it and transfer the plan to the watch. It’s quite simple but extremely useful. This functionality comes in handy for jumping rope.

It has dedicated backlight for both the analogue and digital displays.

It’s pretty much suitable for everyday wear just like other G-SHOCK watches. You can wear it even during your travel because it has world-time functionality with support for 300 cities.

If there is one thing that doesn’t look promising, it is that it seems like the hands of the analogue display can block some part of the digital display between 4 and 8 o’clock, which can make it difficult to read the digital display.

While this watch is not comparable to Fitbit or Apple watch in terms of fitness experience, it wasn’t meant to be. It is meant to match the G-SHOCK standard, with an additional step tracking functionality.

Reportedly, the watch will be available for purchase later this year. According to Casio’s Japanese website the price will be ¥16,500 that is approximately $150.